Wagon wheels.

As previously mentioned, I picked up a set of used wheels for the wagon recently. It had 13″ steel wheels with 175/70/13s originally, and the new 16″ wheels have 195/55/16s … The tires (Sumitomo) are some inexpensive ones from Tire Rack and the wheels were found on craigslist. They were off a VW and advertised as Miglia 1000s (that’s what the center caps say) but found after a little research they are in fact discontinued Sport Edition F6s. They’re 7″ wide and the offsets are a little different, but they seem like they’ll work just fine! I sanded them up a little and sprayed them satin black. Got the tires mounted up and the same day hit a local cruise/car show. Anyway, here are some pictures, much improved over the 13s.



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2 Responses to Wagon wheels.

  1. Cuz says:

    Im thinking Flat Black paint job for the wagon next!

  2. Drivesa5 says:

    Haha, I thought about it, but I’m leaning more towards a dark satin gray or something like that…

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