1993 Pontiac Sunbird LE 2d

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Current Status: junked 🙁 drivetrain saved

Purchased Aug. 20, 2009 from JJJ in Manchester with 87,521 miles.
Current mileage 180,000

Factory curb weight 2484 lbs.
Estimated current weight 2200 lbs.

110 hp @ 5200 rpm
124 ft-lbs @ 3600 rpm

TH125c automatic

Current Modifications:
Dynotune wet nitrous kit 50 shot
Dynotune nitrous blow down line
Summit RPM window switch
NOS fuel pressure safety switch
Summit fuel pressure gauge
Spectre air filter
SIS aluminum intake tubing
SIS red silicone couplers
SIS stainless t clamps
Summit poly seat
seat brackets, machined aluminum
gauge/switch panel, machined aluminum
lightweight machined aluminum tensioner pulley
Sunpro temp gauge
Autometer Sport Comp temp gauge
Sunpro super tach 2
fan switch
tcc switch
satin black stock aluminum 14″ wheels
Flowmaster 50 series stainless
Summit resonator
Pyle hydra amp
z24 fiberglass hood
Quik Latch mini hood pins (4x broken)
custom machined flush hood pins, black anodized
carbon canister delete cover, .030 aluminum
coolant catch can
snow tires on Dodge Daytona snowflakes with 1/2″ longer wheelstuds
JAW wideband controller & display, simulating narrowband
AEM wideband
solid adjustable cam timing sprocket, machined & hardcoated aluminum
non-abs master cylinder swap
Hawk HPS street/sport pads
Centric Plain Cryo Treated 120 Series Rotors
Goodridge G-Stop braided flex lines
Monroe Sensa-trac front struts
Monroe Sensa-trac rear shocks
Energy Suspension poly control arm bushings
Moog poly swaybar endlinks
oil pan load spreader
speed bleeders
LED tail & backup lights
polycarbonate trunk panel
solid aluminum motor mounts
delrin bushed torque strut
3d printed “2.0L OHC” center caps
turn signal stalk (plastic one broke,) machined aluminum
custom header, stainless
2.25″ exhaust, stainless
Vibrant stainless resonator
Borla ProXS muffler
Krylon satin Italian olive spray paint job
AN fuel rail adapters with nylon fuel feed line
20SEH camshaft (AE CAM429)
2 piece adjustable cam timing sprocket, machined & hardcoated aluminum
adjustable fuel pressure regulator, machined aluminum based on Summit rebuild kit

Resto & Maintenance:
rotors & pads @ 87k
Sealed Power camshaft CS838 @ 90k
Sealed Power lifters @ 90k
Sealed Power rockers @ 90k
fuel filter @ 90k
head gasket & bolts @ 91k
window guides @ 100k
alt @ 105k
battery @ 120k
crank pos @ 116k
door bottom coat @ 117k
passenger well patch/welding @ 117k
passenger rocker patch/weld @ 155k
serpentine @ 117k
serp. tensioner @ 118k
plug wires @ 90k
spark plugs @ 90k
shocks @ 110k
oil pan mod/gasket @ 122k
struts & mounts @ 128k
ball joints @ 128k
sway bar endlinks @ 128k
control arm bushings @ 128k
outer tie rod ends @ 128k
rotors, pads, shoes, flex lines @ 128k
driver side front rusty rocker fix @ 138k

hood latch, cable
carbon canister
spare, jack, wrench
rear and pass seats
rear seatbelts
all interior plastic
door panels
timing cover
tape console
power locks
abs master cylinder
front abs wheel sensors and wiring
backup light/reflector housings
door springs

In Progress:
rust repair
outer door belt weatherstripping

Future: (maybe)
Megasquirt 1 v3
Newman cam & valvesprings
forged followers
rear disc swap
ported head
fortified trans
manual/auto valvebody
more nitrous

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