1985 Ford LTD LX

All posts about projects to the LTD LX!

Current Status: Sold and missed.

I bought the LTD LX on 9/11/04 from New Mexico with 120k miles, and am its third owner. Being from NM, it is pretty well rust free – a good starting point, and it’s light for a big car.

Only 3260 were made between 84 and 85 and I think very few are left. Basically it is (or was originally) an LTD with an 85 Mustang drivetrain – a 5.0 HO CFI and an AOD. Also, a 7.5″ rear with 3.27s.

Current Modifications:
* 89 GT steering wheel
* antenna delete
* Art Carr full manual valvebody
* Autometer Sport Comp water temp gauge
* Autometer Sport Comp oil pres gauge
* Autometer Sport Comp volt gauge
* BBK off-road H-pipe
* B&M Supercooler 24,000
* black micarta console triple gauge panel
* carbon canister delete
* CFI to EFI
* door striker bushings
* double hump crossmember
* FRPP A/C delete
* FRPP AOD pan
* FRPP red 9mm plug wires
* FRPP stainless shorty headers
* intaketubing.com tubes
* K&N air filter
* MAC lower control arms
* Mustang 19lb injectors
* Mustang EFI main & injector harnesses
* Mustang fuel rail
* Mustang A9P computer
* Mustang MAF (powdercoated red)
* Mustang stock upper intake
* Mustang self ported lower intake
* Mustang front disc brakes
* Mustang EFI valvecovers
* NGK UR45 V-Power sparkplugs
* Road Rage mini amp (for ipod only sound system)
* smog delete
* subframe connectors
* Summit copper header gaskets
* SVO master cylinder
* Summit double roller timing chain

* coming soon


In Progress:
* nothing

* none


LTD @ 1:05, 2:15, 5:46 (chirp!)

2 Responses to 1985 Ford LTD LX

  1. randal says:

    I know it’s been a while but was wondering if you still have the info regarding the wiring harness adaptation to the ltd as im about to swap in a v8 in mines.

  2. Drivesa5 says:

    Sorry for the delay, I haven’t been too good about keeping up on here. I pretty much used the manual I have posted and made the proper connections to the green and brown connectors. Let me know if you still need more info and I’ll see if I can find anything more specific. If you’re doing a swap it won’t be a problem, but the original CFI 5.0 distributor also used a different reluctor ring.

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