Please paint that thing.

I got this stuck to my windshield yesterday … nobody else’s car in the lot got one. I think I’m insulted.

edit: by comment request, I’ve added a picture showing some of my paint. Apparently the reason it looks like this is because you aren’t supposed to put clearcoat directly over primer, so I have been told.

winter special

winter special

view of my paint

view of my paint

4 Responses to “Please paint that thing.”

  1. Michael says:


  2. wxroz says:

    Ahhhh hahahahaha ! 🙂

  3. wxroz says:

    I think a picture of your car in its current state is necessary to really complete this post.

  4. Drivesa5 Drivesa5 says:

    Picture added. Enjoy the ratty goodness.

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