More deletions.

The latest items added to the Sunbird parts scrap heap in the name of simplicity and weight savings are the trunk mounted tail lenses and plastic trim panel. The lenses do contain the backup lights, but other than that are pretty much pieces of decorative plastic. I had wondered for a while what it may look like without them, but I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. After some back and forth, I decided to go for it since it would be reversible anyway. I wanted it to be quick and easy, so the first version of the delete is some sheet steel cut to size, riveted to the trunk, and primered. With the steel I am estimating about 5lbs was removed. After giving it some time I’ve decided I really like the look of it, so I think I will keep it this way. All I need to do is get some backup lights in and it will be all set. There’s a good place to mount them in the tail lights, I just need to see what I can find for lights or LEDs to fit there. The second version now that I know I like it will be a lighter plastic panel to replace the steel one and I’d like to try out some countersunk rivets for a flush look.

Special thanks to my friend for deviating from accomplishing something productive to help me out with this project.

(new) polycarb rear panel

(new) polycarb rear panel

tail delete (mk.1)

tail delete (mk.1)

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  1. wxroz says:

    It looks… okay…

    I bet he’s always happy to come over here and accomplish nothing!

  2. Drivesa5 Drivesa5 says:

    It looks very okay! Well … I don’t know, but it was fun anyway.

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