Banishing the blue.

Ever since I bought the bird, I never really cared for the blue.  Well, to be honest it grew on me a little, but I still wanted something else. It took a couple years, but I finally sprayed it Summit epoxy gray primer.  It was my first paint attempt and the primer went on pretty nice.

I then decided to add some clearcoat over it and chose the pre mix off the shelf Duplicolor stuff. That did not turn out so well at all. I don’t believe I did anything wrong, but it was very hard to coat it evenly, it was relatively expensive, and afterward it started to discolor (turn white) in places. Now, this is no show car so it’s no big deal to me – it was an experiment, but if it weren’t I would be pretty irritated.

All in all, I learned a lot of things such as use lots of light so you don’t miss spots (oops) and use a decent clearcoat.

Bird masked.

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  1. wxroz says:

    Better luck next time!!

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