Exhausted 2.0

Not only referring to myself at the end of the day, but the latest upgrade to the two door Sunbird: a custom, fully stainless exhaust system… I mentioned this was in the works in a previous post somewhere, but it’s finally finished. It was somewhat expensive, but it came out looking, sounding, and feeling awesome, and I’m really happy with it and the shop that did the work and find it was well worth the expense. Plus, it won’t be rusting out every couple years like the cheap replacement exhaust parts, which also don’t fit so well and I’m sure flow horribly. So here’s the details, and then I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves: .5″ stainless exhaust flange machined by myself (nobody makes them of course,) 1.5″ primary (approx 24″) long tubesĀ  merging under the oil pan to a 2.25″ collector with bung for narrow o2, vband to intermediate pipe with flex pipe and bung for wideband o2, vband, resonator, vband, cat back, vband right after the rear axle to a Borla ProXS and a straight slash cut tip. Everything is stainless, mandrel bent, and straight through. It has a mellower and slightly quieter tone (mostly noticed from the outside, since the inside is always loud,) that sounds really nice, and has picked up some power too – I surprised myself by punching it when leaving a friends house the other day and it actually broke the tires loose – it didn’t used to be very easy to do that. I had to extend my narrow o2 wire and reroute the wideband harness since everything moved, but that’s it. On to the pictures.

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