Sunbird 2.0L OHC camshaft tool v2


I decided to design this 2.0L valvetrain and cam tool as a lightweight, easy-to-build but slower-to-function alternative to my first version (link below) or for when you just want to swap rockers or lifters and aren’t worried about compressing everything at once.

For reference, an earlier post here shows some details of my first 2.0L camshaft removal tool. It’s rather elaborate, but is quick if you’re just looking to swap the cam.

Instructions and function:

Start by rotating the engine so that the lobe of the cam at the rocker you want to remove is facing straight up and the valve is fully seated. The tool works by setting it on top of the valvespring you want to compress, then bolting it into the corresponding cam housing bolt hole (after the cover is removed) and turning the bolt until the spring is compressed enough so that you can remove the rocker/follower (magnet from the back works well.) Once the rocker is out of the way, you can also remove the lifter. To remove the cam, repeat until you’ve removed all rockers.

There are a few things to note about using the tool.
* First off, just compress enough to get the rocker out and be careful of cranking down too hard into the cam cover. It’s not a very large bolt, and you wouldn’t want to end up stripping out a cover hole.
* The hole through the tool and bolt help keep it straight along with the round shape at the valve end, which seats on the rocker tip guide inserts. These have to be in place or the tool will probably want to bend and break something or slip off the valve.
* There are two holes in the cover at either end which are spaced differently from the valve than the rest. These are where you need to switch the bolt from the central hole of the tool, to the offset one.
* On these offset valves, I had some clearance problems where I had to rotate the rocker off the valve and remove the lifter before the rocker would come out completely.
* There is an eccentric toward the front of the cam that seemingly serves no purpose but to get in the way. When this happens, you may find that you have to point the lobes a little differently than straight up to avoid the eccentric from hitting the removal tool. As long as the valve isn’t open, it will work fine.
* Another thing to be aware of is that the tool may slip without the lash caps on the valves, so use them when reinstalling the rockers.


2.0L OHC : all versions including TBI, PFI, turbo (LT3, C20GET)
– found in Pontiac 82-94 Sunbird, 88-91 LeMans, 87-89 Grand Am SE, 87-88 Olds Firenza, 87-89 Buick Skyhawk
1.8L OHC : probably, since it is very similar to the 2.0
– found in same as above
20NE, 20SE, 20SEH, C20NE, C20GET : European same basic engine as 2.0
– found in various Vauxhalls and Opels
18NE etc : probably, Euro equivalent to 1.8L above, not sure what all their engine codes are
– found in various Vauxhalls and Opels
Others? – If you know more engines that share this layout like maybe the sub-1.8L European engines, let me know.


Anyone with basic machining skills should be able to build this tool from the print below, and if not, any machine shop should be able to for you easily. You may be able to get away with using a drill press if you have a decent setup. I used some scrap 6061 aluminum, which works just fine, but you can also use steel or whatever else is available. Also, this is a guide for one way to do it. There is extra material on the top of the part behind the two holes that could be removed if you want. As you’ll be able to see when I put up a picture of mine, I cut down that side some and chamfered the edges. The important parts are the height used for compressing the spring, that there’s enough material in the holes to guide the bolt somewhat and keep it straight, and the relationship of the holes to the compressing shape. Anyway, if you stick to the print it will work fine. Another thing you can do alternately to using the bolt is an M6 stud or threaded rod, and then use a nut to compress the spring instead of turning the bolt. This may be a little easier on the holes.
Disclaimer: Build and use at your own risk, and enjoy.

cam tool 2

cam tool 2

2.0L valvetrain tool.

2.0L valvetrain tool.

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2 Responses to Sunbird 2.0L OHC camshaft tool v2

  1. Jim says:

    Dude this is a great design and you should produce these tools. If you have anywhere that I would be able to buy one instead of building it I would appreciate it.

    I just did a H/G on an 88 and don’t wanna buy new bolts and gasket set to replace a stinking lifter and rocker.

    Your post is truly useful thanks for sharing such great knowledge of how to make this tool.

  2. Drivesa5 says:

    Thanks Jim, sorry for the delay I haven’t been keeping up with the site lately. If you want one I can make you one for a couple bucks.

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