Roots Radical : AMR500 Supercharger

Sometimes you take on a project that you think is going to be great, but it turns out it just isn’t. This is one of those failed projects. Chronologically, I did this right before the EFI swap. The AMR500 is a small roots supercharger that can be found cheap, in this case on Amazon. Because it’s small, it fit right into an opening in the engine bay and could run off the v belt where the AC normally would go. With some creative bracket, tubing, and bonnet fabrication, a big TBI injector and some sealing it was ready to fire up. Ok, that’s grossly simplified, it took quite a bit more effort, but I’m not going to get too far into it.

AMR500 setup

After getting everything hooked up and firing it up, it did surprisingly move some air. I had looked up some videos of people who had put them on various vehicles and something you can’t get through a video is just how loud this thing is. It literally hurt my eardrums. It has two straight-cut 8-shaped rotors, which I think is a big part of the noise. I also had trouble getting the TBI to seal up because believe it or not, it wasn’t designed with forced induction in mind! Those two things were pretty much the nails in the coffin. I couldn’t imagine daily driving it with the noise, so I decided to scrap the project and go a different route instead of putting more time into it. It was fun and educational, but just not practical.

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