Wagon Work 2.

The latest and greatest wagon updates, which I’m going to try and keep relatively brief…

What’s been going on? (since the last update)
It’s not a SOHC without a cracked cylinder head and blown head gasket! Just like all the others, coolant started disappearing and I had to rebuild the top end with a new head and gasket. I think the cracked head was contributing to some of the running problems from the last update as well. Was down for almost a month but have been daily driving since.

Chipped away some more at the Megasquirt project. Did some preliminary tuning, needed an idle valve, exploded a capacitor. Had to call in an electronics expert friend and his oscilloscope to help get my idle valve working. So this is a step because it’s actually run on the MS, but just start and idle work so far. Hey it’s something.

Gas tank sprang a leak after the new fuel pump so had to put in another one.

Made a gauge panel for wideband, water temp, rear defrost, fan switch, usb power and cig outlets. Mounted a 7″ monitor to display my Raspberry Pi 3 which is running Tunerstudio.

Foreshadowing: Rebuilt a turbo. Did some work on setting up a port injected intake, bought a throttle body for it 🙂 more on that below.

What are the current projects?
Working on replumbing my Ford idle air because the first setup wasn’t working. It would suck in air when running the factory ecu and throw a code and not run right. After this I hope to finally make some real strides toward my goal of running on Megasquirt full time.

What can I expect to see here in the future? (however distant it may be)
TBI to EFI. After getting MS up and running I plan to do a cam swap and port injected EFI swap using a 1.8 turbo intake, throttle body, and 92+ 2.0 injectors. I just need some wiring and will have to figure and fab some brackets, everything else is pretty much ready to go in. Hoping to achieve a mind-numbing 100 crank horsepower from this.

Turbo. If that wasn’t enough for you, wait for it: Remote mount turbo. I intend to attempt and mount my very tiny Audi K03 turbocharger where my muffler currently lives and run a lot of lines and tubing and a small amount of boost. Because this whole project isn’t weird enough already.  So far turbo is rebuilt and stainless flanges are machined, one’s out for welding.

Transmission. Hoping to start rebuilding one of my spare TH125s soon, would like to upgrade it to handle a little more power and shift better.

Ok so …
I failed in keeping it brief. Anyway, that’s where usually-functional Project Wagon stands.

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