Dash it … again.

I revised my original GN dash design because I wasn’t happy with how the indicators I had looked. The revised version adds some depth to the dash and in my opinion really makes it stand out and look a lot better. Below is a preview with a lit up turn signal and a straight on shot.

GN dash v2 in progress

GN dash v2 in progress

GN dash v2

GN dash v2

3 Responses to “Dash it … again.”

  1. Andre says:

    We’re can I buy that at its looks really nice was it complicated to installed

  2. Drivesa5 Drivesa5 says:

    Unfortunately you can’t exactly buy it, I designed and machined this one myself. If you’re seriously interested in one, I can make another, but it won’t be plug and play. It wasn’t too complicated to install, just a bunch of wiring for the gauges, some of the plastic behind had to be trimmed away to fit the deeper gauges, and messing around with studs and standoffs to mount it into the existing dash.

  3. Dan Z says:

    hey – if you machine another one i’d buy it.. i’ve been looking for something exactly like yours but they don’t exist.. what do you say? respond via email please.

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