GUV: gutted utility vehicle©

My Sunbird is part daily driven commuter, the occasional drag racer, and also part pickup truck! Below it’s loaded up with a set of 55 gallon plastic drums, and later a 2.0L shortblock which are just a few of the many things I have carried in the GUV. Others include many sets of wheels and tires, wheels and tires plus a complete F body front suspension, 8 foot 2x4s for a wall building project, lumber and building supplies for Shed, filled to the roof with boxes when moving, and piled high with garbage bags headed for the dump.

GUV 2.0L

C20LZ (2.0L OHC TBI) shortblock project riding shotgun.


Transporting a pair of 55 gallon drums.

2 Responses to “Gutility.”

  1. Gio says:

    Nice! I’ve seen some concepts coming out of the design industry where they are doing similar modular / utility cars. Whats the blue barrel for?! I have a 55 gal here in case we get the big one, haha! Happy New Year man! Hows everything else?

  2. Drivesa5 says:

    The barrels were for work, one was for water and the other for coolant. That’s pretty sweet and a good practical idea I think, I find myself using the space a lot (so much that I haven’t had a passenger seat in months) and am never worried about wrecking the interior 🙂 Same to you, I’ll shoot you an email and catch up. Good to hear from ya!

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