Lightweight, unobtrusive audio.

It’s not too much to ask!¬† Although my Sunbird is very stripped down, there are a few things that I wanted to maintain for now given its daily driven status and some semblance of an audio system was one of them. I don’t need fancy speakers or any of that stuff, I pretty much just want it to function and be light and out of the way for a clean/nonexistent look.

My solution to that problem is a hand-me-down ipod and a Pyle¬†PLMRMP3A marine mini amp. I chose it because it’s pretty small, light, cheap, and included a remote aux. input and volume knob which made it perfect for a standalone system with no head unit. The amp is mounted to the housing that used to carry the original amp up inside the dash. With no ipod connected, you can’t really even tell there is any stereo at all unless you look underneath the console where I mounted the knob and input. It only weighs a couple ounces less than the stock amp, but I don’t have a head unit to deal with and the ipod is removed when not in use. It may be a little bit of an unorthodox setup, but I like it a lot.

Not much to see here!

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