Convertible Top Etiquette.

1. All or Nothing. The first rule is probably the most important. If your top is down, your windows should be too. That means ALL of them. Nothing looks sillier than driving around with your top down and your windows up, and it effectively defeats the purpose anyway. Worse yet is “fins” or your top and front windows down, but the two quarter windows still up: ridiculous.  Windows down and top up is permissible. If you only follow one rule, it should be this one.

2. The Weather. If it’s nice out, put your top down!  A surprising amount of convertible owners do not. If it’s sunny and warm out, and you’re holed up inside with the air conditioning on (pansy) then you should just sell the thing already; the purpose of that vinyl over your head is lost on you. Bonus points go to the hardcore who have the top down long before the temps are reasonable.  I once saw a Mustang with the top down in 20 degrees around Christmas.  Sweet.

3. The Boot. Not all cars have a convertible top cover or “boot.”  If it does though, you should use it. It just looks better. This is not as hard and fast as the previous rules. You can get away with quick runs without the boot, when the top will be going back up soon, or when fearing rain for quick top-up action.  There is also some allowance for personal preference on this one.

4. Nice Paint, Ratty Top.  It’s one thing if the whole car’s a mess, but there are some out there that think the rag top should look like one. It takes a little extra care, but there’s no reason to have a nice looking car with a torn brown top that used to be white.

6 Responses to “Convertible Top Etiquette.”

  1. wxroz says:

    These are great. I agree with all 4 rules! Nicely expressed.

  2. Sue says:

    You forgot about never running the heat if you abide by the first four
    but are secretly a wimp hahaha

  3. dave says:

    Having owned a few convertibles there are times it really is a must.

    High speed, high wind, cold, etc.

    Plus some convertibles are great at not basically make you need a helmet with the top down, otherwise not so much and the cross wind is punishing.

  4. Drivesa5 Drivesa5 says:

    Valid points, you just will have to look silly doing it.

    All or nothing! 🙂

  5. Carlos says:

    I fully agree with these rules. I had a convertible mustang and the top, and windows, were down 9 months out of the year.

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